The Curved House Kids produce books and downloadable learning materials, and run workshops that inspire primary-aged children to read, write and see the world. Our fun, tactile, dynamic methods allow kids to use their own ingenuity to develop three crucial elements of literacy learning:


 Reading Comprehension

 Visual Literacy

All of our work is based around the idea that visual tools can greatly improve a child’s ability to learn and that by making children part of the creative process we can cement their learning (and their love for reading and storytelling) from an early age. We recognise that the world around us is now highly visual, digital and interactive and our literacy methods engage with children the way children are engaging with the world.

We would love to hear from teachers, parents and educators with an interest in visual learning and visual literacy and we would love to visit your school, gallery or event. Get in touch via the email.


“These books are an excellent tool for supporting visual literacy, comprehension and inspiring creativity!”
Emily Gopaul, Art Specialist Teacher

Imagine Festival Southbank Curved House Kids

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Family Day at the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA)

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Our goal is to make reading, writing and learning accessible to all children regardless of age, ability or learning style. We do this by producing materials that are:


Some kids are good with words and numbers and others learn visually. These books offer a way for all kids to learn to read, no matter how their brain works, what their level of learning is or how confident they are.


Some kids are afraid of words or afraid to read aloud. Taking ownership of a book can help them overcome those hurdles.


Literacy is a priority in mainstream education, but ‘creative literacy’ (e.g. encouraging kids to imagine, express themselves freely and explore their artistic talents) is often undervalued. We want to give creative kids a way to show off their talents.


Many kids associate books with pressure rather than relaxation and fun. Our books are interesting, interactive and fun!


The statistics on reading are frightening: e.g. only 40% of England’s 10-year-olds having a positive attitude toward reading. Giving kids the chance to draw or write themselves into a real book is a great way to unlock the pleasure of reading and turns the stats around.


Accessibility is at the core of this series and we strive to produce books that make books and reading accessible to all children. Did you know that 14% of children in lower income homes rarely or never read books for pleasure? We want to change that by making our books accessible for all children, regardless of their circumstances.

children's reading fund booktrust20p from every copy sold goes to Booktrust’s new Children’s Reading Fund, to support their work with children with additional needs. If you want to make an additional donation visit the Children’s Reading Fund website – you really can make a difference to one child’s literacy.