Curved House Kids are on a mission to make every child literate, not just in terms of text and numbers, but also visual literacy, digital literacy and science capital. We do this by incorporating arts into education and working with like-minded partners who value education, creativity and innovation.

We engage children the way children engage with the world: visually and interactively, using tools that empower them.

Our work draws on the compelling body of research around creativities and visual literacy in education. This research shows that integrating visual literacy into education can greatly improve a child’s ability to learn, particularly in a digital age where visual skills are critical. Outcomes from our own projects show us first hand that making children part of the creative process (for example, making a book) is a critical factor in ensuring deep and sustained engagement.

We would love to hear from teachers, parents and educators with an interest in visual learning and visual literacy and we would love to visit your school, gallery or event. Get in touch via email.

Innovative STEM for primary schools

Our Principia Space Diary programme, with a personalised book written by Lucy Hawking, has inspired over 95,000 primary students in over 3500 schools across the UK. Students can follow ESA Astronaut Tim Peake as they learn what it takes to be an astronaut and all of the inspiring jobs in space science. The Space Diary is published with the support of the UK Space Agency and the European Space Agency with additional academic support from Professor Peter McOwan at Queen Mary University London.