One hour is all it takes to transform your digital mindset.

“Perfect, exactly what I needed at this time”
“Wonderful. [Kristen] got to the nuts of the problems very quickly”
“Very useful. I felt Kristen understood what I was getting at.”
“Still buzzing from a great session.”
“Kristen was very professional, patient and full of suggestions. I feel she carefully targeted her advice to meet my needs.”

Our vibrant and creative CPD is designed to help teachers, parents and carers to get to grips with digital media and find ways to use online technologies to improve your work and support your children to learn effectively. We help you with practical things like choosing which online tools/platforms to focus on, building a new website or blog, or using Twitter and other social media, and we also offer advice about how to publish your work, share your teaching resources or improve your public profile if you’re looking for new work opportunities.


Training Options

  • Remote – £ 60 Per Session
    One-to-one, One hour, Remotely via phone or Skype
  • In Person – £ 75 per Session
    One-to-one, One hour, In person*
  • Remote Bundle (most popular option) – £ 160 for 3 sessions
    One-to-one, 3 x One hour sessions, Remotely via phone or Skype
  • In Person Bundle – £ 200 per Session
    One-to-one, 3 x one hour sessions, In person*
  • Group Day Session – £700 + expenses
    Recommended for max 15 people, one day, includes a follow-up Skype session

In-person sessions are conducted in Central London. For sessions in other parts of the UK, or to book a group session in your school or organisation, email us at As long as we can cover costs we are very happy to travel to you.

Who we work with

Teachers and Academics

Education, particularly literacy and visual literacy education, is our number one priority. We know that grassroots action makes a difference, and that the best way to effect positive change is to empower the teachers and academics who are educating future generations. We work with people in any sector of education to help them use the web and social media to improve their work, support their students and share their ideas and research. For teachers we focus on helping you to understand the tools available and how you can integrate them with your work in a way that won’t create extra work. For academics in higher education we focus on public engagement strategies including getting published online, publishing ebooks and creating and maintaining blogs and websites.

Parents and Carers

Children develop digital literacy at an unstoppable pace and that can be intimidating even for the most tech-savvy adult. We help parents and carers by offering one-to-one digital mentoring that focuses on confidence-building and internet safety so that you can feel in control of the digital world and at ease with the technology that is part of your home environment.

Writers and Authors

Over the past three years, we have mentored hundreds of authors to build and manage their own web and social media presence. We have seen authors with overwhelming digital phobias walk out of our sessions with confidence and renewed enthusiasm. In just one hour we have developed digital strategies for books, brainstormed great digital marketing ideas, built blogs and websites, helped authors get to grips with Twitter and Facebook, improved search engine rankings and, most crucially, built the confidence an author needs to participate effectively in the digital world. We run regular one-to-one sessions through the Society of Authors and also independently.

“These surgeries have been extremely popular with our members. They have all sold out each time we’ve held them and various members have come back for further sessions… Kristen’s knowledge of the industry combined with her technical abilities and her personable nature mean that she is a fantastic asset to anyone/everyone she works with.” – Anna Ganley, Society of Authors

Schools, Universities, Businesses and Organisations

Many schools, universities, businesses and organisations have excellent, useful content circulating internally but have not yet mastered the art of packaging and publishing that content for general readers. We are particularly passionate about helping educators and non-profits to publish and disseminate their work as there is such a wealth of knowledge in these sectors that the world would benefit from. We have worked a huge range of businesses and organisations including Minority Rights Group International, Eaves Housing for Women, Riot Communications, Kalaayan, Fanfair, Newsweek, Plain English Finance, Penguin Random House and many more.

How does it work?

Once your booking is confirmed we send you a brief questionnaire so you/your author can tell us what you want to cover. We come to the session prepared to tackle your web conundrums on the spot. Whether it’s something practical, like setting up a blog or a Facebook page, or something theoretical like developing a long-term strategy for your web presence, we will deal with it on the spot and send you away with a cyber hop in your step!

Email to book your session