Curved House Kids HQ

Kristen Harrison


Kristen is passionate about empowering people to reach their potential, and her weapon of choice is books. She established Curved House Kids in 2013, after working in production and editorial at Penguin UK and Minority Rights Group, to focus on primary education. Kristen designs our educational programmes bringing both editorial and visual learning expertise. 

Lucie Stevens

Publishing Coordinator

Lucie Stevens keeps everyone track here at CHK. Without her none of the books would exist.

Lucie’s favourite thing in the world is books, so it’s no surprise that she decided to become an editor. After working for publishing houses in Australia, she relocated to Berlin to write novels and educational books for children. Now back in Sydney, she is working remotely for Curved House while she launches a series of online workshops for Australian writers called Mirrabooka.

Our Network

We rely on a talented network of people from the creative and education sectors who provide the expertise we need for each unique project. We showcase them here to celebrate their invaluable contributions to our projects.

Creative Team

Lucy Hawking


Lucy Hawking is an author and the original creator of the George Greenby books, a series of adventure stories which aim to explain complex science to a young audience through dramatic storytelling.

Author of the George Greenby adventure series, Lucy Hawking is passionate about engaging young readers in science through compelling storytelling. Formerly a journalist, Lucy has also written comedy novels for adults and is a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Ben Hawkes


Ben Hawkes is an illustrator extraordinaire, based in London. Without him the Space Diary and the Mars Diary would be pretty boring.

Self proclaimed Illustrator Extraordinaire, Ben Hawkes is a children’s author and illustrator. His books have been published by Penguin Random House, Jonathan Cape and Curved House Kids, and he is the illustrator for phonics early education app Hip Hop Hen.

Hannah Coulson


Draws pictures of space for CHK

As an illustrator, Hannah loves experimenting with shapes and colours. She’s always on the lookout for interesting things to draw; at the moment this includes cheeky seagulls and distant galaxies. Based in London, Hannah also works at the Royal College of Art, devising creative workshops for young people and students.

Education & Academic Advisors

Claire Loizos

Primary Teacher

Claire Loizos is an award-winning teacher and authored our free Girls in STEM guide.

Claire is a passionate advocate of STEM-learning, with both primary and secondary teaching experience. Previously Head of Science at an all-girls school in London, Claire co-authored our Engaging Girls in STEM Guide, and plays a crucial role in helping us develop our classroom resources.

Peter McOwan

Professor of Computer Science

Peter McCowen, Professor of Computer Science at Queen Mary University London is our resident robotics expert.

Professor of Computer Science and VP for Public Engagement and Student Enterprise at Queen Mary University of London, Peter is a robotics enthusiast who provides outreach support to Curved House Kids and guidance particularly with puzzle creation.

preti taneja

Preti Taneja


Preti has worked with youth charities and with refugees, and in conflict and post-conflict zones on minority and cultural rights. She now teaches writing in prisons and universities. She is the co-founder of the advocacy collective ERA Films and of Visual Verse, an online anthology of art and words. Her debut novel We That Are Young won the Desmond Elliot Prize 2018 and is published in the UK, India and USA and in numerous translations worldwide.

STEM Experts

Abbie Hutty

Lead Spacecraft Structures Engineer

Abbie Hutty is the Lead Spacecraft Structures Engineer and the delivery manager for the ExoMars Rover.

Arguably, Abbie has one of the best earth-based space sector jobs. As Lead Spacecraft Structures Engineer for the ExoMars Rover at Airbus, Abbie is in charge of making sure the rover will be ready for its mission to Mars in 2020 and that the body of the rover with be stiff and strong enough to withstand the forces of launch into space and landing on the Red Planet. In 2016, Abbie was elected youngest Fellow of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers and she is a keen advocate for diversity within her profession.

Cindy Forde

Space Communicator

My job is to help children understand that they are part of a brilliant, interconnected system called Earth and that they can be part of creating what happens next to our planet.

Space communicator extraordinaire, Cindy is passionate about helping children discover how we can best take care of our home planet. Former CEO of the Cambridge Science Centre, Cindy has supported people from all sectors – from the UN to UK schools – in using science to foster a healthy, happy planet Earth. Cindy founded Planetari, an educational Makerzine aligned to the UNSDGS with the potential to reach 100 million children in 5 years.

Libby Jackson

Human Spaceflight and Microgravity Programme Manager

I am the Human Spaceflight and Microgravity Programme Manager at the UK Space Agency, part of the Exploration Team.

A leading expert in Human Space Flight, when Libby isn’t working for the UK Space Agency, she’s writing fabulous books about the achievements of women in STEM. Libby was previously flight director at Mission Control and played an important role in Tim Peake’s Principia Mission.

Sheila Kanani

Astrophysicist & Space Educator

Astronomer Sheila Kanani is the champion of our Universe, working for the Royal Astronomical Society as Education, Outreach and Diversity Officer. This means she helps students (at schools and universities) and communities learn all about the wonders of space and encouraging them to get involved. Sheila is the co-founder of STEMMsisters which supports people from communities which may not be able to access ‘STEMM’ subjects.

Stephen Lewis

Professor of Atmospheric Physics

I am the Professor of Atmospheric Physics at The Open University.

Stephen is Professor of Atmospheric Physics at the Open University. He loves studying the atmospheres of planets and his research has been used to help plan ESA and NASA missions and to understand the measurements that they have returned, including two missions in orbit around Mars now. He uses computer models to understand how planets’ atmospheres have changed over time.

Sue Horne

Head of Space Exploration

I am responsible for developing the strategy for the UK’s involvement in the international space exploration programme, making the case for funding to government and then managing the programme.

With the enviable job title ‘Head of Space Exploration’ for the UK Space Agency, Sue works closely with international collaborators to ensure that all the scientific instruments and technology needed for future missions will be developed and available, so we can explore and study our Universe.

Tamsin Mather


Imagine how exciting it would be to spend your working day studying how volcanoes behave. As Professor of Earth Sciences at the University of Oxford, that’s exactly what Tamsin does, researching volcanoes to better understand them as natural hazards, for their role in mineral and geothermal power resources and as a key planetary scale process throughout geological time.

Vinita Marwaha Madill

Space Operations Engineer

I’m a Space Operations Engineer at the European Space Agency (ESA) working on future human spaceflight projects, including the European Robotic Arm (ERA).

Being a Space Operations Engineer at ESA means Vinita has a lot of variety at work. Some days, she’s busy developing astronaut training in Russia, other days she’s teaching astronauts how to use specialised parts of the ISS, like its new robotic arm. After hours, Vinita runs Rocket Women – a website inspiring girls to engage in STEM.